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Our Philosophy

As realtors in Prince Edward County, our philosophy is simple - We work hard to make sure everyone is happy, throughout the process and beyond the closing date!  Whether you are Buying, Selling, or Investing, we navigate every interaction looking to accomplish just that.

We are solution-finders by nature and enjoy getting all of the pieces to fit together for our clients.

Our Approach

Our Story

Who are we?

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in the County (or surrounding area), you want someone familiar with the all of the things that make the Prince Edward County area so distinctive.

From Milford to Consecon, Northport to Cressy and everywhere in between, we know all the best spots and all of the tricks County real estate can throw at you and we're happy to pass the inside info onto our clients.

Shannon's background in design and construction allows her to offer a unique perspective when it comes to real estate.  When you work with her, she can help you to see all of the possibilities for your space and can also recognize its limitations.  For you, that means more options and less heartbreak.  It means a realistic vision and clear expectations.

As busy realtors, our days are full of moments of discovering hidden vintage wallpaper, marvelling at design and details, passing fields of cows or sheep, soaking in colourful sunsets, stopping at fabulous restaurants (and wineries, breweries, distilleries, oh my!), and of course, meeting the most amazing people - just like YOU.

If you're interested in property in the County, make sure to click here for all of our current listings.

Any questions?  Connect with me via email at or call/text 613-921-7438.